Air conditioning repair and Unit service


Scheduling service is key to avoiding air conditioning repair. Your home’s air conditioning system is made up of complex pieces of equipment. These pieces are designed to work in perfect balance with each other. Making sure you don’t have a clogged air filter or dirty evaporator coils is key. As a result this can throw the entire system off. A poor functioning system not only lowers your comfort level but raises your energy expenses as well. Regular service helps ensure that your air conditioner works at peak levels. 

Professional Inspections and Tune-Ups

It takes the experience of a qualified tech to service your air conditioning correctly. The freon must be checked to make certain that it’s flowing through the system at the correct pressure. And the equipment should be tested for freon leaks. All of the electrical connections should be cleaned and tested to ensure proper function. For safety’s sake, the system’s controls should be checked to make sure that the equipment cycles on and off like it should.

Your  air conditioners is taking moisture as well as heat from the air. The moisture travels down the condensate drain. checking the drain regularly will prevent water damage. The network of ducts that deliver conditioned air throughout your home should also be checked for leaks. Your ducts will also need cleaned every few years.

Cost-Saving Services

A well kept air conditioner will operate up to 25 percent better than a neglected one. Therefore regular scheduled service will save you money on monthly operating costs. A skilled HVAC tech can often spot and resolve would be problems. Usually before they lead to costly AC repairs down the road.

 A yearly checkup is the most cost-effective way to keep your air conditioner running. This will save you from  future repairs and to extend its service life. The EPA is says home owners should call a licensed contractor for service before the season begins. To schedule service for your home’s air conditioning system, call certified Appliance today. 

Air Conditioning Repair

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