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Ice maker repair Las Vegas may not seem important given that ice makers are more of a convenience than a necessity. Regardless, living in the desert has made us rely on those cold cubes in the summer months. For instance, how does one have a cold drink by the pool or fill the cooler for a day at the park?

When an ice maker is not working it could be an indicator that the refrigerator is not working. For instance, if ice cubes are not freezing, then it could mean the freezer is not freezing. In this case, grab your ice cream to see if it feels squishy. If so, it is time to call us to look at it as soon as possible so that it does not fail completely and spoil all of the food!

Fortunately, we specialize in all refrigerator and ice maker brands. From ice makers that are not making ice, not freezing cubes, leaking in the freezer, or anything else we can fix it all. In the event that a repair won’t fix the problem, we are also equipped to replace it with a new one.  From ice makers in your fridge to stand alone ice makers, to built in ice makers, we fix it all. Don’t forget to mention the discount on this page, or visit our coupons page for more savings opportunities! Call today to schedule your appointment.