Annual Heat Pump Tune-up

Are You Ready for Your Annual Heat Pump Tune-up?

It’s that time of year again. The Fall season is perfect for long walks outside in the beautiful, crisp weather. Just remember that winter’s coming, and the time to get your annual H/P tune-up is now, before the cold weather hits. Keep your family and yourself comfortable this winter with a properly working H/P. The following list gives four excellent reasons why you need to have an annual heat pump tune-up.

Heat Pump Tune-Ups Ensure Safe Operation

Each element of your H/P is inspected to ensure it is working properly and safely. Testing for carbon monoxide, an invisible, odorless gas, will be done to make sure you and your family are safe from this insidious poison. Inspecting and testing back-up heater elements ensures your H/P will keep your household comfortable this winter.

Heat Pump Tune-Ups Improve Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency will be improved with an annual tune-up, resulting in lower energy bills. An improperly working H/P runs more often, thus increasing energy bills. Your bank account balance will remain higher due to a properly functioning heat pump.

Tune-Ups Reduce Repairs

The worst time to find out your heat pump isn’t working properly is in the dead of winter. Repair bills for a non-functioning heating pump cost more than an annual tune-up to spot small problems before they turn into huge ones. Avoid the frustration and high expense by getting an annual tune-up for your heat pump in the fall.

Tune-Ups Preserve Your Warranty

Almost all H/P manufacturers require routine maintenance by a licensed professional. Think of your H/P as having a warranty similar to that of a car. Car manufacturers may not honor your car warranty if you forego routine maintenance; likewise, heat pump manufacturers may not honor your H/P warranty if you ignore basic annual maintenance. If you fail to have an annual tune-up, and problems continue to grow until the unit malfunctions completely, your warranty may be voided. Prevent a catastrophe by thinking ahead.

By having an annual tune-up, you not only ensure safe operation, energy efficiency, reduce repairs, but preserve your warranty. Don’t delay – let the falling leaves remind you to contact your heat pump professional before the cold winter begins.