Dryer Maintenance Tips

Dryer Repair

Dryers make doing laundry so much easier. Busy households and Moms become very inconvenienced when their dyer isn’t working properly. If your dryer ceases to work, then it’s important to contact an appliance repair company in Las Vegas before replacing it. It is recommended not to attempt a dryer repair on the dryer yourself. However you may be able to avoid costly repairs with proper maintenance of your appliance. Here are a few tips that can help extend the life of your dryer.

Clean Lint Trap

The lint trap, or filter, is meant to keep lint from getting from your clothes into your dryer’s system. It is an easily removable filter usually located on the top of the dryer or at the very edge of the inside. The lint trap should be cleaned after every single load to prevent any buildup that will damage the appliance.

Vent Cleaning

The vent pipe of the dryer is located in the back of the appliance; it is the silver colored pipe or tube that runs into the wall. These tubes sometimes collect lint that is able to get past the lint filter. If this tube is flexible, it is important to keep it as straight as possible. This will prevent the easy buildup of lint. The entire length of this tube should be cleaned at least once a year. There are specialized vent brushes for this, so it’s not a difficult job.

Dryer Cabinet Cleaning

The dryer cabinet can also build up lint under certain circumstances. Many dryers have a bottom front panel that can be removed for this cleaning, but other dryers will have to have one entire side of the appliance removed for this maintenance task.

It is important to hire a dryer repair company in Las Vegas if your dryer stops working or is working improperly. Call Certified Appliance for all of your dryer repair and appliance repair needs in the Las Vegas Area.