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AC Repair Las Vegas

At Certified Appliance our A/C techs are properly qualified to take care of anything that relates to installing, maintaining or repairing your air conditioner. Call today for AC repair las Vegas. Our techs have gone through training and certification and all our technicians and equipment certified. Which includes testing and a solid understanding of the industry. 

A few of the more common areas in which HVAC repair techs can help you:


  • Having your HVAC systems installed by a professional is very important. This can prevent any future problems or repairs. Our professionals at Certified Appliance can also help you choose what equipment will work best in your home. Selecting a system that is too big or small can hurt efficiency.
  • Maintenance

  • Continued maintenance of your HVAC system is the easiest way to prevent future repairs. Ongoing check-ups help to make sure that your system has a long life. And performs correctly at the max efficiency possible. One of the most important steps to maintain your system is clean filters. Change filters once a month in the summer and once every three months in the winter.
  • Repairs

  • Our service techs do a wide variety of repairs, ranging from big too small. Some of these repairs requite them to go up on roof or even in the attic space in your home. Each tech drives a fully stocked truck loaded with parts and the necessary tools for the job. As a result most repairs are completed on the first visit. Call today 702-877-1000 or click the link below


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