Heater repair Las Vegas NV

Heater repair Las Vegas NV

Living in the desert we all know about the harsh environment we experience every day. But we do not often think about our home appliances being exposed to the same environment. It is especially important to keep them in mind. Often these appliance break down at the most needed time of the year. Heating and air conditioning systems the coils are exposed to desert sand blowing in the wind and lots of other dust. Having your coils cleaned will keep your system running at maximum efficiency.
From the sweltering heat to the cold desert nights both the heating and air-conditioning and very important to keep running. For Heater repair Las Vegas NV call 702-877-1000

Maintenance and Repairs 

Air Conditioners require yearly maintenance to keep operating at a high level of efficiency. keeping up with your yearly maintenance schedule can also stop costly repairs from popping up in the future. wether its cleaning the coils on your unit or sealing up duct work for max air flow our techs at Certified Appliance specialize in making sure your system keeps going strong. We specialize in all repairs boasting well trained techs and a very friendly staff eager to help you with your needs.

Our Company 

Certified Appliance is a family owned and operated business. We Have been serving the Las Vegas valley for over 15 years. With three generations of service techs. As a matter of fact we feel like this qualifies us to serve the Vegas Valley more than our competitors. Mostly because we understand family values and the people of Las Vegas. Equally important all of our techs have fully stocked trucks with all the tools and parts to get the job done the first time. For service don’t wait call 702-877-1000 or click the link below



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